Rest Easy During the Time Change


You might think losing an hour in your day would wreak havoc on a busy gals schedule; but making these 5 adjustments helps me fool my circadian rhythm into thinking nothing’s changed.

rest1. Rest in a pretty place. My husband hates that I make the bed everyday. He will say.. “ugh. I just got it the way I wanted it and then you go and put it all back together.” Little does he know I’m doing him a huge favor. Crisp, clean sheets, fluffy pillows and a warm blanket are essential factors in a good nights sleep. In preparation for the time change give your bed a bit of attention. Flip the mattress, fresh sheets and change out the heavier winter bedding for something light. Give the heater a break, allow for cooler temps during the night to promote a better nights rest. Consider relocating fido or fluffy to a bed of there own. Remove any clutter from the room and go ahead and hide the remote, distract him with a little snuggle time, he will thank you for it later.

2. Anticipation. It’s not like we don’t see it coming. Clear your calendar as much as possible for the days just prior to the time change. Plan a cozy movie night for Friday, skip the cocktails and go ahead and fall asleep a little earlier than usual. The extra sleep during the days leading up to the lost hour will make all the difference as your body adjusts to getting up earlier on Monday morning. Weather permitting, get outside over the weekend and soak in some sun but don’t forget your sunblock. My favorite is

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This is also a great time to start an A.M. exercise routine. Working out releases serotonin which plays a vital role in your sleep/wake cycle.

3. Close the curtains. It might be tempting to take advantage of that extra hour of sunlight on Sunday evening but for the first few days close the curtains and trick your body into thinking it’s bed time already. Just the right amount of daylight and dark is vital to maintaining your circadian rhythm.

hide4. More bathroom time. Go ahead and hang that do not disturb sign on the bathroom door. Take a bath, give yourself a facial or an at home pedi treatment. Whiten your teeth and condition your hair. All of these will help promote a sense of relaxation and allow you to fall asleep more quickly.

5. Record it. Put that DVR to good use.I know it’s tempting to stay up late and watch all your t.v shows but if your favorites don’t come on until late in the evening go ahead and hit record, you be happy you did when you get to skip over all those pesky commercials, plus you’ll want to go to bed earlier over the weekend and catch up on extra zzz’s.

Daylight savings time doesn’t have to interrupt your busy schedule. Making a few adjustments like the ones mentioned can set you up for success. Bonus… you’ll be rested and ready to enjoy those long summer nights ahead.



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