Getting to know me…

I don’t remember getting fat. I only weighed 98 pounds through high school, college and into my 20’s. One baby, then two, a move to a small town away from everything I had ever known and bam! my jeans went from 0 to 10 in record time.

I’ve since had a few decades to come to terms with my weight gain. I’ve tried all kinds of quick diet tricks. Infomercial programs and devises and even hired a personal trainer but I have never found anything that has helped me keep off the weight.

This blog is my journey to a healthy lifestyle. No tricks, or gimmicks. My plan is to use my brain and my instincts to make good choices.

I love to cook and I think one of the reason’s why my diet’s haven’t worked in the past is due to missing out on a hobby that I love. So I will be seeking out healthy recipes that will keep me busy in the kitchen. Reworking old favorites so I don’t have to feel like I’m giving something up and branching out (especially in the veggie area) to bring new life and flavor to my new “diet”.

My Tools:

Yes I have a gym membership, no I haven’t seen the inside of the gym in a very long time (8 months at least) but I will be reintroducing myself, building up my strength and endurance so that when spring/summer is here I’ll be pumped up to try some new outdoor activities.

I use a fitness app and activity tracker Fitbit Flex and I love the challenges along with the food tracking elements of the app. I’ve got a great circle of friends that help inspire me and keep me on track so I’ll be putting this option to good use.

I have a food scale, I think this is going to be key in helping me develop healthy recipes. I’ll need to retrain my brain as to what is an appropriate portion size.

I am an independent distributor for Herbalife Wellness Products. I have a complete vitamin regiment that I love! I also love the protein shakes but have been slacking on including them in my daily diet routine and I noticed a significant weight gain since I stopped. My Herbalife will definitely be a part of this journey.

I have some food allergy’s including wheat, rye and barley. I have a reaction much like asthma where my airway gets inflamed, in my case it makes it difficult to swallow. Scary and incontinent. My doctors recommend a gluten free/reduced diet. Tried it shortly after diagnosis and really saw a change in my weight but like lots of things I’ve tried I couldn’t stick with it. I’ll be giving this another try however because the doctors told me to.

I’ll be posting my weekly meal plan along with the nutritional information ( I hate when I come across a great recipe but it doesn’t’ tell me how many calories ect are in a portion size) I have an app for that now.

So excited about starting… and sharing with you as I find the healthy woman hiding inside me.

xoxo buysgal….

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