As promised…

Last nights dinner was delicious. My hubby is a big fan of meatless meals. Preferably pasta like mac & cheese, but I’ve been trying to put healthier options in front of him. My Potato Hash with Eggs had him going back for seconds. In theory, hash is whatever you have handy cooked up together; Noun: a mess, a jumble, a muddle. My version of hash can be found under Yummy Nutrition

My concerns were keeping it tasty, low calorie and quick. The recipe Potato Hash with Eggs met all expectations. I actually served it last night with poached eggs (just one each) but it was the first time I had ever poached an egg so it wasn’t pretty and both my husband and I agreed it would be better with an hard boiled egg, which is how I wrote the recipe (It’s actually how I brought the leftovers for lunch today) but a runny egg yoke would be really good if I can figure out how to poach correctly. Practice, practice practice.

Key for me was the red pepper flakes. It really made a difference, I loved the “POW” it gave the spinach and kale. Hubby says he hates kale but he agreed to give it a shot and he didn’t pick it out and leave it on the side of his plate so I’d say that’s a pretty convincing argument in favor of him liking kale.

I hope you enjoy the recipe, and don’t be afraid to jumble in a few more veggies, it’s a hash after all, get creative.


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