Fitness Foe’s

So my new Fitbit Charge HR is all the proof I needed. Yes indeed getting dressed, at least for me, is a cardio workout. My heart rate goes from a resting 68 to 110 the minute I start struggling with my jeans and stays that high (or higher if they’re   skinny jeans) until I get my shoes tied. Yikes. The sad truth is, that’s about the only workout I’ve been getting. My motivation is lacking to say the least.  Gym bag packed and in the car. Fitbit and phone alarms set, even have a few friends dedicated to sending me text around my lunch hour “encouraging” me to go to the gym and just as easily as popping a mini chocolate in my mouth I disregard all warnings and alarms.

A workout plan is what I’m in need of.

So around the office we call them “hot laps” if I get up from my desk, regardless of where I need to go, I include a hot lap. Down the stairs through the crew room, through the warehouse, down more stairs, up the stairs and back to my office.  Yes I’m a little short of breath when I return (embarrassed) but that’s the point right? You try doing that in 4 in. heals. Yeah, I’m that good.

So what else, my lunch break at the gym includes a wardrobe change (feel the burn) 20 min. on the treadmill doing 2 min. / 1 min. walk-run intervals and another wardrobe change = 45 min. cardio workout. Bam.

My bathroom scale says I need to do more and even if I wasn’t obsessed with the scale my body would be telling me the same thing. So, like any smart busy gal I hit Pinterest in search of some great workouts. Why reinvent the wheel ladies. Check out my board “busting my busy butt at the gym” to see what I’ve found.

Weigh in’s are in one week. Check back to see how I did.


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