Warming up with Chili

Winter 2016

When it looks like this outside it’s best to be inside with a warm bowl of chili. I host Sunday dinner at my house and it’s tough watching your calories while feeding a crowd. My chicken chili works here for a lot of reasons. The spices really bring a warm heat to the chili, I’m not talking about nose running kind of heat just that slow spreading heat that makes you feel cozy inside. With 392 cal. per 1 cup serving you can replenish all those calories you’ve burned shoveling snow all day and not feel guilty about it. This calorie count doesn’t include any of the toppings so if your watching this number be careful here. Trust me, it’s completely filing without any additions but when you’ve got a couple of hungry men to satisfy these toppings are a perfect option. I also made corn bread. Just used a box mix and added a handful of cheddar cheese and diced scallions to the batter before baking, per package directions. A little honey butter to top them seemed to make my soon-to-be son in law very happy. 2 helpings for him and my husband!  Give it a try and let me know how you liked it. You’ll find the recipe “Busygals Chicken Chili” under the Yummy Nutrition tab.


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