A little “friendly” competition

I have a great friend who owns a day spa & salon, Untamed Optionz. Over the past few years they have held a weight loss challenge. Ya know a little friendly competition is always a great motivator. I have only participated once in the past, mostly because I’m not competitive by nature and some competitors have tried some crazy weight loss techniques that I’ve either already tried and failed at or just didn’t have the guts to try.

This year I’m in and I have a plan!

While the winning pot $$ is very impressive, instead of choosing some crazy weight loss trick I’ve decided to put my Herbalife products to the test.

Goal: 30 lbs in 3 months.

Technique: calorie counting, food logging, Herbalife shakes and supplements and a rigorous workout routine.

So it’s been a week since the initial weigh in. I’ve moved past the numbers that normally would have sent me straight to a depression induced frenzied binge. Her scale, obviously created by a man, provided way to much information. Get this… my body age??? yeah it tells us this, says I’m 78… Not ok with this, since  my birth certificate says I’m only 48 and my face still says I’m 25 ish… a 78 year old body is proof that I have not done a very good job of taking care of it.

Head in the game I made a plan which always starts with a grocery list, meal plan & prep and packing a gym bag. I’ve also been drinking lots of fruit infused water like 120 oz a day. The bonus, the office bathroom is 120 steps from my desk so that adds up quickly. Despite my personal commitment to spend my 1 hour lunch break at the gym I only made it there once over the past week. Looking ahead I need to find a gym partner.

Another obstacle that I encountered was a work day travel trip that meant 6 hours in a car, 3 hours in a board room and an entire city of food options. We only have 3 fast food traps here at home. McDonalds, Subway and Taco Time. And while there are probably some healthy options at each I’ve never really ordered any of them. My plan? don’t eat out. If your from around here you know the routine, from the minute you know you’re leaving town you start planning your food stops. But with my husbands support we made some pretty good picks. The EGG BYTE OMELETTE with a side of fruit from The Egg & I was filling and delicious then for lunch I felt my strength waver when we pulled into the Olive Garden bring on the bread-sticks, was my initial reaction but I downed a full glass of water before opening the menu and carefully considered my options. I choose the special, Tilapia with grilled veggies. Plus I did not eat a single bread-sticks. Success! I made it on my first travel trip without overloading on bad food options and more importantly I didn’t feel deprived or hungry.

I weighed before the weekend and was thrilled that I was down 7 lbs. I’d used all of my products and gadgets weighing all my food sure does give me a great perspective on food portion. I also noticed what a big difference the Snack Defense supplement from Herbalife made when my resilience was down, AKA.. 3pm.  I felt really good, just a little tired.

Set back, Saturday. It was -8 outside, and my dvr was loaded with all my favorites and the comfy chair was calling my name. I blame the lack of energy and enthusiasm on the reduction of calories. This was a negative combination. Snacking began and then came the guilt which meant more snacking. This dangerous cycle showed up on my Monday morning weigh in which only had me down 4 lbs. Looking back I should have started my day with my supplements and a shake, just like during the week. I will not skip this step next weekend.

I did a little shopping therapy, the Fitbit Charge HR and the Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale will be here tomorrow thanks to AmazonSmile.com Prime. (My amazon smile charity of choice is of course The American Cancer Society)

Food prep for the week is done and I was able to resist the donuts that are downstairs in the conference room for today’s board meeting. Looking forward to more successes this week .





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